3 Top Microscopes For Kids and Beginner

A microscope is the perfect gift if your son or daughter has an interest in science or you simply want to bring STEM learning home. Curious little minds will be amazed at what they can see with even a beginner’s microscope: tiny fossils, crystal structures in rocks, and up-close views of plants and insects. This list of fifteen great microscopes for kids has picks for children of all ages. Paired with the right instrument they might not even realize they’re learning something along the way!

1,SWIFT SW50 Monocular Compound Microscope 40X-400X For Kids With Microscope Set And Prepared Slides

The perfect beginner microscope for younger elementary school-aged children to conduct their own at-home experiments,All-glass optics offer 40X, 100X, and 400X magnification.Easy for children to use, with a large plain stage, sturdy stage clips, and two types of illumination.Lightweight plastic build for maximum portability and sized for smaller hands.Introductory science-in-a-box! Comes with accessories kit including prepared and blank slides, specimen stain, tweezers, pipette, and more, so your young scientist can start experimenting right away.

2,Zoom the image with the mouse SWIFT SW100 Metal Body Monocular Compound Microscope With 20X-1000X Magnification

Designed to delight young scientists, the Swift SW100 offers an array of user-friendly features that produce crisp images of specimen slides. With all the characteristic components of a standard compound microscope, the SW100 is an excellent, affordable, and easy-to-use introduction to microscopy for elementary school-aged learners.

3,Swift SS110-DL Monocular Compound Microscopes With 40X-1000X For kids And Students

If you are looking for a fun and easy-to-use microscope for beginners, this is an excellent choice. This dual illumination compound microscope with bottom and top light makes it easy to view slides . To spark your child’s enthusiasm.

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