• About Compound Microscope

    Five "Need-to-know" Points about Biological Microscope Generally speaking, biological microscope is the most fundamental and frequently used microscope. Whether using a microscope or knowing something about it, we should start with a biological microscope. Here are five key points that we must know about biological microscope. Ⅰ.Observation object of biological microscope Biological microscope is used to observe tiny...
  • About Microscope Camera

    Five "Need-to-know" Points about Microscope Camera Ⅰ.Why is it necessary to have a microscope camera? Microscope camera is an optical assembly used in conjunction with a microscope to acquire the images of microscopic imaging. Sample images captured by the microscope camera for each observation can not merely be compared as experimental data, but be permanently stored as...
  • About microscope

    About Biological Microscope Generally speaking, ordinary microscopes are classified into two types: biological microscope and stereoscopic microscope, and the required models are correctly selected chiefly based on the observed samples. In comparison with a stereoscopic microscope, a biological microscope boasts a larger magnification, which can be as high as 1000 times, and the user can observe tiny...
  • How to Choose a Microscope Correctly

    In modern science and technology, microscope has turned into an essential tool, whose application fields and usage scenarios are enlarged and enriched without stop. For scientific researchers, it is an analytical instrument of general purpose for experiments and research and development; for schools, it is an outstanding teaching aid for probing into biology courses and propagating scientific...
  • User Guide

    S101-B(EN)    S101-B(DE)    S102-B(EN)    S102-B(DE)   SW50(EN)    SW50(DE)    SW100(EN)    SW100(DE)   SW150(EN)   SW150(DE)    SW200DL(EN) SW200DL(DE)   SS30(EN)     SS30(DE)    SS110(EN)    SS110(DE)   SW350B(EN)  SW350B(DE)  SW380B(EN)  SW380B(DE)   SW350T(EN)  SW350T(DE)  SW380T(EN)  SW380T(DE)   EP-Series(EN)  EP-Series(DE) S41-20(EN)    S41-20(DE)   S30-Series-ENS30-Series-DES7-Series-ENS7Series-DE   Swiftcam-Series(EN)     Swiftcamera-Series(DE)    
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