About microscope

About Biological Microscope

Generally speaking, ordinary microscopes are classified into two types: biological microscope and stereoscopic microscope, and the required models are correctly selected chiefly based on the observed samples.

In comparison with a stereoscopic microscope, a biological microscope boasts a larger magnification, which can be as high as 1000 times, and the user can observe tiny objects invisible to the naked eye, such as bacteria.

The fundamental structure of a biological microscope is classified into mechanical parts and optical parts; the mechanical parts are chiefly comfortable to run, stable in structure and easy to operate; optical assemblies lies in the core of the microscope, especially the objective lens, which is the key to determine whether clear images can be acquired under the microscope.

Name and function of each assembly:

Objective lens: objective lens is the most vital assembly in biological microscope, and it is the core assembly of the first imaging of microscope. In the event that it is unable to get the best or perfect image under the objective lens, a clear image can't be gained in the second magnification of the eyepiece, and the whole microscope will be deemed as an inferior or unqualified product.

Eyepiece: the core assembly of the second magnification of the microscope can only be seen clearly after the second magnification of the sample (slice) observed with the objective lens. Only when the eyepiece magnifies the image observed and magnified by the objective lens, can it meet the requirement of visual observation, that is, the requirement of visual resolution.

Observation head: observation head is also the principal assembly of biological microscope, and its function is to reflect the light passing through the optical assemblies such as sample and objective lens (binocular observation head also needs to split light), so that its light enters the eyepiece for easy observation.

Collecting mirror: the light emitted by the light source is concentrated and radiated towards the objective lens to avoid the energy loss of light.

Condenser: the light emitted from the light source is concentrated in a smaller and narrower range to conform to the requirements of objective lenses with different multiplying powers.

Aperture stop: it is installed under the condenser, which is chiefly used to control the amount of incoming light. Based on the different slices observed, the size of aperture stop can be appropriately adjusted, and besides, aperture stop can set off the background and upgrade the imaging quality.

Rough and fine focusing mechanism: the rough and fine focusing mechanism includes two functions: rough focusing and fine focusing; rough focusing quickly moves the sample or slice to be observed under the selected objective lens for observation; fine focusing is to adjust the sample or slice observed with the objective lens more finely and accurately, so as to acquire a clear and perfect image under the microscope.

Objective table: it is used to place samples or slices, so as to facilitate observation under objective lenses with different magnifications.

XY axis-adjusting knob: place the sample or slice to be observed under the objective lens in a quick and accurate manner, so as to prepare for observation.

Objective lens converter: it is used to replace objective lenses with different magnifications to satisfy the requirements observed with objective lenses of different magnifications.

Power switch: turn on or off the power supply, which is the essential light energy for observation under the microscope.

LED dimming handwheel: the most comfortable effect can be achieved by properly adjusting the brightness.

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