About Microscope Camera

Five "Need-to-know" Points about Microscope Camera

Ⅰ.Why is it necessary to have a microscope camera?

Microscope camera is an optical assembly used in conjunction with a microscope to acquire the images of microscopic imaging. Sample images captured by the microscope camera for each observation can not merely be compared as experimental data, but be permanently stored as reference data, so as to conform to a variety of needs such as storage, upload, sharing, communication, data analysis of microscopic images.

Ⅱ.How to choose a suitable microscope camera?

For a microscope camera, the three most vital parameters are respectively sensitivity, resolution ratio and speed.To take a good picture, it is necessary to meet the important conditions that affect the picture quality, such as the chip size and quality of a special microscope camera, the resolution, the number of data bits of the camera, the algorithm of hardware and the software.Several types of CMOS cameras of SWIFT are today's "all-purpose" cameras. If it is required to use the microscope under different light levels, this option can be taken into account.

Ⅲ.Other factors affecting the quality of imaging

Stereoscopic microscope is characterized by small amplification factor, large depth of field and three-dimensional sense of imaging, and it is generally applied to observe objects directly. Relative to a biological microscope, a stereoscopic microscope can generally achieve observation results when it is magnified within 100 times.

Ⅳ.Matching between camera and microscope

When choosing a camera, it is also necessary to consider matching with the microscope used. In the case that the configuration of the microscope in use is comparatively low, the image quality under the microscope will be relatively low, while choosing a much too expensive digital camera will result in waste. Conversely, if the configuration of the microscope is pretty high and the imaging quality is excellent, then a high-quality camera should be selected to match the microscope.

Ⅴ.Connection of microscope camera

If it is necessary to add a microscope camera to an ordinary microscope, a digital microscope interface must be added. If it is a trinocular microscope, the standard C interface on the third eyepiece can be directly connected with the C interface of the microscope camera. In the meanwhile, a computer needs to be matched after a camera is added, so that the ordinary microscope can be transformed into a digital microscope with high cost performance.

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