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SWIFT S7-BL 7x-45x Professional Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope With Upper and Lower LED Lighting

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CA65 Warrning

  • Professional stereo microscope for researchers, gemologists, engravers, collectors, and anyone in the semiconductor and electronics industries. It is also a perfect microscope for biological laboratory applications that require low heat release.
  • Two wide-field 10X eyepieces and the 0.7X-4.5X zoom objective lens offer a magnification range of 7X-45X;6.4:1 large magnification zoom range and 4" (100mm) long working distance, as well as provides crystal clear sharp images.
  • The Binocular head with adjustable interpupillary distance is tilted at an ergonomic 45-degree angle to decrease eye and neck strain; a full 360-degrees of rotation allows you to view specimens from any angle; our optical system is designed for comfortable observation, even for eyeglass-wearers.
  • Built-in episcopic (reflected) and diascopic (transmitted) LED illumination provides bright. And cool light for working with temperature-sensitive specimens. Rugged construction with a sturdy metal base and a plain stand that allows for work with objects
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, all microscopes come with a five (5) year warranty against manufacturing defects. Reliable and friendly customer service, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

  • Product total magnification: 7x-45x
  • Model number: S7-BL
  • Specialized features: Zoom magnification
  • Optical system: Greenough optical system
  • Observation tube: Forward-facing binocular
  • Inclination: 45° inclined
  • Head rotation: 360°
  • Interpupillary distance: 54- 76 mm
  • Diopter adjustment: On left and right tubes, +/-5
  • Eyepieces: WF10X/20mm
  • Objectives: Zoom magnification 0.75x-4.5x, zoom ratio 6.4:1, click stop for 0.75x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 4.5x magnification
  • Working distance: Standard 100mm (165mm with 0.5x auxiliary objective, 30mm with 2x auxiliary objective)
  • Stage plate: Black/white stage plate
  • Auxiliary Objective/W.D: None
  • Head holder: 76mm head mount, φ32mm pole mount, center distance 155mm from column pole center to optical center, focus travel range 50mm
  • Stand: Plain stand, φ32mm vertical pole, vertical pole length 240mm, stand dimension 205x275x40mm
  • Material: Metal base and body
  • Illumination: Upper LED illumination and bottom LED illumination
  • S7-BL Binocular stereo microscope*1
  • illuminated stand*1
  • Head holder*1
  • WF10X eyepiece *2 Eyecup*2
  • User manual*1
  • Black/white stage plate*1
  • Frosted glass stage plate*1
  • Stage clip *2 Eyetube cap *2
  • Objective cap*1
  • Dust cover*1 Switching power supply*1

Customer Reviews

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Yes it can be used to observe red blood cells
The electronic eyepiece itself can be installed in a microscope with a 23.2mm eyepiece tube inner diameter.
SS41 is a 30.5mm eyepiece tube inner diameter. You need to purchase a 30.5mm eyepiece tube adapter ring.
The S41-20 can not see 130mm parts and the column height is not enough.
A special camera connector is required, which is rarely used now. Generally, a store camera is used, so we do not provide a camera connector.
The maximum field of view of a high-end microscope is generally 25mm, generally 18-22mm, not as large as 5cm
X-Y axis movement refers to the horizontal and vertical movement of the microscope stage.
1. Positioning: Swiftcam is rich in functions and has high configuration, which is suitable for higher-end requirements. EP configuration is simple and low in price. It is suitable for those who do not require high image quality and speed.

2. Application: EP is an Eyepiece camera, which can only be used on an eyepiece tube with a diameter of 23.2mm. Swiftcam is a C-Mount Camera, which can be used on the third-purpose C-mount tube of the microscope, and when it is matched with a 0.5x magnification lens Can also be used in eyepiece tubes, Swiftcam can be used for dual purposes

3. Imaging quality and speed: Sensor and design are different, Imaging quality and image Frame rate are different (that is, the image transmission speed is different, for example, the same 5MP, EP only has 2 frames per second, Swiftcam SC500 has 7 frames, SC503 There are 14 frames (it is recommended to push USB3.0), so the image clarity and real-time Swiftcam are higher than EP)

4. Observation range: Swiftcam is equipped with a 0.5x zoom lens, which can see a larger field of view.

5. Software functions: EP's software functions are simple and can only do simple image demonstration and measurement; Swiftcam has rich functions, such as EDF depth of field extension, Imaging stiching image stitching, etc.
● Indoor use;
● The altitude does not exceed 2000m;
● The temperature is between 5°C ~ 40°C;
● The relative humidity does not exceed 75%, and the maximum relative humidity is 80% when the temperature is lower than 31°C; the relative humidity decreases linearly to 50% when the temperature is 40°C;
● The power supply voltage fluctuation is not more than ±10% of the nominal voltage;
● Do not place the equipment where it is difficult to access disconnecting devices (switches and power sockets). "
No, it is only brightfield. The SW350/SW380 brightfield condenser cannot add a darkfield accessory for darkfield observation, and the condenser is dedicated, and the brackets of different manufacturers cannot be interchanged, that is, the darkfield condensers of other manufacturers cannot be used on our microscopes.
1. These 3 models all use 195 objective lens. 195 refers to the conjugate distance of the objective lens, which is 195mm. There is no difference in optics, mainly because of the difference in mechanics and appearance.

2. Compared with SW350/SW380, the SS330B has a smaller focusing stroke of 8.3mm, but the Rack and pinion focusing structure used by the condenser lens has better stability and accuracy.

3. SW350/SW380: The focusing stroke is relatively larger, SW350 14.5mm, SW380 12.2mm, SW380's focusing accuracy is 0.0034mm, SW350's angle-adjusting accuracy is 0.027mm.

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SWIFT S7-BL 7x-45x Professional Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope With Upper and Lower LED Lighting

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet
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